Modules d’Eduka Suite

Eduka Suite Modules

Thanks to the modular architecture of Eduka Suite, build and adjust a solution that suits the needs of your school. Click on the modules below to get more information and view screenshots.

Accurately reproduce your educational offer annually, in a highly flexible structure.

Manage the key steps of enrollment, re-enrollment, and write-offs.

Lists and Research
Generate lists and search all Eduka Suite modules.

Solicit, generate and distribute useful documents stored in a centralized database.

Parent / student information
Facilitate access to information and keep your data up to date throughout the school year.

E-mail & SMS
E-mail & SMS

Parents Portal
Provide a user-friendly online services portal for parents
– Updating their personal information
– Registrations, re-registrations, deletions.
– Subscription to extracurricular activities, canteen, supervised studies, transport and school trips.
– Follow-up of their detailed financial accounts and online payment.

Business Portal
Offer a user-friendly portal of online services to businesses
-Updating their personal information
Follow-up of their detailed financial accounts (invoices / payments)
-Updated list of students supported.

Master your billing scenarios automatically or manually, in a secure environment.
Manage your recovery with or without deadlines, interface Eduka with your accounting management software.

Extra-curricular activities
Manage registrations for extracurricular activities via a parent portal.
Automate invoicing and payment by coupling it to the Finance module.

School transport
Registration is done online via the parent portal. Thanks to an interactive map coupled with the student’s global planning, offer a tailor-made transport service.

Online registration for the school meal service and dissemination of information via the Parents portal.

A la carte service
Online registration for a day service (daycare, canteen, events, contest preparation…)

Request management
Exchange and recover data easily!
When organizing school trips, purchase requests, updating parents’ contact details or HR requests (holidays, training)

General schedule of the student
Overview of the student’s schedule including extracurricular activities, buses, daycare, canteen, school events, as well as imported schedules (schedules and Pronote absences).

It is a platform for centralizing the information of your alumni but above all for exchange between your former students.

Electronic wallet solution for the actors of your establishment, with one or more balances according to the segmentation of your services: canteen balance, cafeteria balance, daycare balance….

Single Sign On (SSO)
Centralized authentication support (CAS) to unify the connection identifiers of your compatible applications (Pronote, ENT…)

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