Module Infos Élèves & Parents

Students and guardians module features


Students and guardians module provides all information relating to student, siblings as well as guardians. Fully configurable to your needs, without any limitation, you create forms to share information  within the school departments.

Through the web portal, guardians can view or modify information, and are school department on individual basis can get a notification for any updates.

Students and guardians management

Students and Guardians module centralises all information collected through admission (including documents uploaded) or during the student school life. Easily you can navigate between siblings and parents and in one glance view critical information. Student grade can also be keyed and then shared to guardians.

Total students vie
Total students view

Student information view
Student information view

Centralisation des documents
Document management

Parents access and data update

An online access will be provided to guardians to access at their convenience information relevant to them (Admission, Finance or even Student Grades). In addition, data can up updated either on school demand by sending targeted online request for updates or directly by the guardians.

Accès Parents - Enfants rattachés
Family view with siblings

Accès Parents - Fiche Élève
Student view from guardian web access

Alert and data history

All data are fully traceable with history of changes easily accessible to users. Alert can be set up at user level in order to be notified of changes on data relevant to the user’s role.

Audit trail
Audit trail

Alert configuration
Alert configuration